Does Death Reveal the True Meaning of Life?

Life and Death

I have often pondered the meaning of life. Well, actually more so over the past couple of years. Perhaps it is because a few more lives closer to me have been taken away. Maybe it is my additional birthdays that have come and gone and the realization of how fast the years go by as we get older.

According to certain statistics, “the meaning of life” is one of the most searched topics on the Internet. So, I guess I am not alone in my search for answers.

However, for me, it was the death of my mother and the following family turmoil that really caused my mind to expand on the subject. In looking at her final years and days, as well as reflecting all the way back on her life as well as my own, I think I have come much closer to understanding the mystery.

I ran across this little gem from one of my favorite philosophers of all time, the late Alan Watts. Although he too, slipped from this world decades ago and long-before our world today, I think he was and still is right on target.

Author: James Patton

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