I Get ‘Schooled’ On Women’s Flats

Teaching Classroom

I start to approach an elderly black woman who came strolling through the women’s shoe department, along with another woman a little younger. 

As soon as I began to greet her, I realized she wasn’t there to exchange pleasantries or form any friendships. She was on a mission.

Angry Old Woman

I asked what brought her out today and she indicated that she was looking for women’s flats. I picked-up a couple of our latest color arrivals from the Lucky Brand. Plenty of Lucky Flats can be found on Amazon.

Lucky Women’s Flats are extremely popular in our store and current owners often check back for new colors. Also, they Lucky brand table was very close to where my guest was standing.

She took a quick glance at one of the Lucky Flats and began walking toward the register, leaning one hand on the counter and clutching her cane with the other.

Next up, I brought out a couple of flats by Anne Klein, one of which was gold and sparkly. As soon as I opened-up the box, she slapped her hand down on the counter and barked in a loud voice:

“Sir, do you know what a flat is? It sits flat on the ground.”

I felt my eye wanting to twitch just a little and felt the heat rise in my body, but I managed to ask her what she had in mind.

“You know, the kind we used to wear back in my day,” she said.

I told her that I would run back to the stockroom and take a look around for something similar. After about 45 seconds in the stockroom, I returned to the sales floor and saw her shuffling away, her friend behind her.

If my guess is correct, I would put back in the day for her somewhere in the 1950’s. While I didn’t come along until the 70’s, I do know that there were such things as ladies flats during that period.

1950's Ladies Shoes

While I struck out with this particular lady, there are still a number of stylish and comfortable flats for all ages. Had she been willing to spend an extra few minutes with me, I am certain I could have turned her on to a modern choice. 

As they say, however, you can’t win over everyone.

Author: James Patton

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